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May 28, 2021

By Christopher David Roberts

Michael Heppell, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, keynote speaker and success coach talks about how to become a successful writer [007]

Michael Heppell

#007: Michael Heppell, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, keynote speaker and success coach talks about how to become a successful writer.

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Michael Heppell (@MichaelHeppell) is an international best-selling author of 7 books, including ‘How to Be Brilliant’. His books have been translated into 27 languages and include the Sunday Times No.1 Best Seller ‘Flip It’. His latest, ’17 – the little way to get a lot done’ was launched in September 2020. His passion is presenting. He has been described as ‘one of the top 3 professional speakers in the world.’ He works with individuals and organisations who are dissatisfied with being good and have a desire to be brilliant. Through his events and coaching Michael has worked with everyone from Category B prisoners to business leaders; from Premiership footballers to TV personalities. Davina McCall credits Michael as ‘the person who, in one hour, changed my life’. Michael works with his wife and business partner Christine, and in 2001 they set a goal ‘to positively influence 1 million lives’. Through presentations, training, books, audio programmes, and coaching they hit this target several years ago and now have the goal to positively influence everyone they connect with.

This is a fantastic episode! I highly recommend you listen to it. In this conversation, we discuss a wide range of topics including approaching successful people for endorsement, how to build and pre-build an audience for your book, developing and drawing out your core message, how to handle negative reviews, finding and working with the very best coaches and mentors, the impact of limiting beliefs and the good work Michael is doing with his ‘Write That Book Challenge’ which aims to support 1000 people to write 1000 books in 1000 days.

Michael Heppell

Selected Links From Episode

You can find out loads more information about Michael on his website.

You can also find Michael on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

You can see Michael’s Amazon Author page here.

If you are interested in hearing more about Michael’s FREE Write That Book programme aimed at supporting 1000 writers to publish 1000 books in 1000 days check out the programme’s dedicated website here.

Show Notes

Michael’s journey so far (1m 40s)

Killing Mrs. Lumsden – negative comments, limiting beliefs and how to overcome them (5m 0s)

Imposter syndrome – are you good enough? (8m 40s)

How to find and connect with the very best coaches and mentors (11m 0s)

How to develop your core message and theme (15m 30s)

Fortune favors the bold – approaching successful people and celebrities for endorsements (20m 52s)

How to build and pre-build a following for your book(s) (23m 49s)

Michael’s high-level writing process – keeping it flexible (31m 0s)

How to handle negative reviews and comments (36m 0s)

Thinking about audiobooks (39m 50s)

Michael’s FREE Write That Book Challenge – how he’s helping 1000 authors, write 1000 books in 1000 days (42m 0s)

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